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A trusted name in youth fitness, specializing in gymnastics, dance and acrobatic techniques, choreography, balance, strength, flexibility, endurance, and core body control.

About the Fit 4 Life Group

Mission Statement

The mission of the Fit for Life Group is to provide well rounded fitness and sport programs that develop children and athletes on a physical, social, mental, psychological level.

Fit for Life Specializes in:

  • Gymnastics
  • Acrobatics
  • Dance
  • Songs and Game activities
  • Sport
  • Gross Motor Development: Strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, balance, agility and core body control


The Fit for Life Group was founded in 2005 as the umbrella company for its two programs: KinderBounce Gymnastics and Dance Trix. The Fit for Life Group offers quality fitness programs for children that emphasize not only the physical development of children, but also strives to stimulate their social, mental, and disciplinary development.

Ruthy Dunec, program director and creator of the KinderBounce and Dance Trix programs, graduated from York University with a Kinesiology Major and Psychology Minor. The combination of these two degrees with specific focus on sport and children psychology, Ruthy was able to create two outstanding programs that help develop children on multiple levels. Exercise Physiology, anatomy, psychology of sport, children’s psychology, epidemiology and various other courses along with her vast experience in gymnastics and working with children helped Ruthy gain the knowledge to create the KinderBounce and Dance Trix programs.

Customer Satisfaction

The Fit for Life Group strives for excellence in customer service. We work to please the parents, children and staff affiliated with the company. We do everything in our power to keep all our customers satisfied. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open with the parents and help them feel comfortable to approach the staff with any question or concern regarding their child, their development or the program.

The Future of Fit 4 Life

The Fit for Life Group looks forward to creating many more outstanding programs for children of all ages to participate in. KinderBounce Gymnastics and Dance Trix are only the beginning of what has yet to come!

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